Our Team

Each member of our staff is carefully selected to be part of The Salon Company.

Get to know these lovely people!

Thavy Chan has been celebrating hair for 15 years. She loves making people laugh, especially her clients, whom she adores. Thavy spent the majority of her career in Beverly Hills which she believes sets her a part from anyone in this area as it speaks to her abilities to please in every way, including her cutting style. If Thavy could have any superpower… It would be flying!

Pam James has been part of The Salon Company for 13 years. She enjoys making people feel good about their hair and making changes that they will notice and love themselves such as cuts and color. With over 30 years of experience, Pam understands the trends, needs and everyday wants of clients through generations. To Pam, the best meals in the Pueblo area are available from DJ’s Steakhouse and the Cactus Flower. She would choose teleportation as her superpower…

Thea Devore has called The Salon Company her work home for the past 3 years. She loves interacting with clients and this is her favorite part of the job! She does well at a variety of different nail styles and knows that she can please anyone with her attention to detail and overall work each and every time. Flying would be the number one choice of superpower for Thea!

April Scheffert knows over 20 years of cosmetology–and 3 of these have been spent with The Salon Company. Her clients’ happiness is her happinesss: the smiles and appreciation make the job special for April, she knows she has done the job right when her clients feel great about their appearance. April’s ability to listen and apply what her clients want as well as asking questions for an overall interactive session leads to what she believes, the perfect ending. By really having a conversation with each client, she is better suited to give them exactly what they want, not just the idea. April likes to help her clients outside of the salon–meaning assigning the hair care regiment (including products), so they can continue to look and feel as if they stepped out of the salon 7 days a week. April is greedy… And would like all of the superpowers. Her favorite Pueblo area restaurant is Tsunami Sushi!

Mandy Taylor just started working at The Salon Company in March of this year. During beauty school she worked as a receptionist for over a year. For Mandy, her job is special because every day she gets to do something she loves and is passionate about, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius. Even though Mandy is relatively new to doing hair, she prides herself on knowing a plethora of new cutting and color techniques. She is actively continuing her education within cosmetology. She thrives on any challenge that comes her way! Her favorite Pueblo area restaurant is Texas Roadhouse (those rolls! ❤️), and would choose immortality as her superpower.

Brenda D. Page has been in The Salon Company space for nearly 4 years and has held an active role as a massage therapist for the past 17 years overall. To Brenda, massage isn’t a job, it’s a lifetime love. She strives to do her best in every session and stay current with continuing education. Her work with oncology, pregnancy, and lymph drainage separates her from many–the medical aspect of what she does is evident and intertwined in each session. East Coast Pizza is her favorite Pueblo restaurant! If Brenda could have a superpower she would choose teleportation.

Riley Taravella has been working for The Salon Company as the front desk coordinator since November of 2017. Riley feels that meeting new people and learning new things are what makes her job so special–she sees a future with TSC as she prepares for the rest of her career being spent in cosmetology. Her choice of superpower is the ability to read people’s minds… Her favorite Pueblo restaurant is the Passkey!

Clint Davis has been working at The Salon Company for 5 years–as the owner of TSC he understands the need to make business, personal, in all the right ways. His staff and clients the salon’s clients are the most special aspects of ownership for him.

Clint has been in the beauty industry for 15 years. This graduated experience shines brightly through continued passion and dedication to the industry. He encourages furthering education for his staff so they can better themselves within their concentrations–knowing that their knowledge and abilities directly touch each client. As the “client always comes first”, so too must the abilities and willingness to grow of each TSC staff.

The choice of products, the options for services, and the commitment to each client’s unique experience truly create The Salon Company–not to mention the beautiful openness of the space. “Each client must walk in excited and walk out elated.”–customer service is a high point of standard for Clint and TSC staff. Ongoing attention to detail in each session defines the professional, welcoming environment.

Getting to further know the clients is also an attention priority for Clint, and he is more than willing to communicate regarding feedback, questions, etc. He knows there are options. But he knows his salon can set a new bar for the Southern Colorado area, “Your decision to visit us at The Salon Company is a choice that we deeply appreciate; we want you to deeply appreciate the the decision too.”

…Clint’s favorite local restaurant is Deli Dave’s 🙂